United States Supreme Court Blogs

SCOTUS Blog. Great discussion on current cases before the United States Supreme. Supreme Court briefs are available on its Wiki.

Federal Appellate Circuit Blogs

CrimProf Blog

2nd Circuit Blog

3rd Circuit Blog

4th Circuit Blog

5th Circuit Blog

6th Circuit Blog

7th Circuit Blog. This blog is no longer updated.

8th Circuit Blog. This blog is no longer updated.

9th Circuit Blog

10th Circuit Blog

11th Circuit Blog

Appellate Practice Blogs in General

Appellate Law and Advocacy.

How Appealing. A blog on appellate procedure by Pennsylvania Lawyer Howard Bashman

The Becker-Posner Blog. A conservative blog by Professor Gary Becker and the legendary Judge Richard Posner.

Criminal Law Blogs

Bluhm Blog. News and opinion on the issue of false confessions - the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University

Crime and Federalism

Criminal Law Library Blog. A good criminal law blog from Law Librarian David Badertscher.

The Confrontation Blog. U of M Professor Richard Friedman’s blog on Crawford v Washington.

CrimProf Blog. A criminal justice blog maintained by Professor Mark Godsey of the Ohio Innocence Project.

The DUI Blog.
The False Confessions Blog. A blog on false confessions from the center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University.

The Innocence Blog. A blog by the original Innocence Project at Benjamin Cardozo Law School run by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld.

Ohio Criminal Appeals Lawyer Blog. A blog by Ohio Appellate Attorney Robert Alan Brenner which is similar in format to my blog.

The Open File.
A blog focusing on prosecutorial misconduct around the country.

Point Park Innocence Institute Blog. News from the innocence movement - The Innocence Institute at Point Park University

Sentencing Law and Policy. A blog focusing on sentencing issues.

Sex Crimes Blog. A blog focusing on sex crimes and issues by Professor Corey Rayburn Young at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago.

White Collar Crime Blog

Michigan Legal Blogs

Michigan Supreme Court Blog.

Michigan Legal News (News Clippings from the Michigan Supreme Court)

The Michigan Lawyer

Warner, Norcross, Judd’s One Court of Justice Blog

Medical Marijuana

Attorney Bruce Allen Block’s Medical Marijuana Resource Pages

The Hubbard Law Firm’s Medical Marijuana Blog

Canadian Legal Blogs

Canadian legal blogs have been moved to their own pages, available here and and in the side panel.

Other Legal Blogs

Bowtie’s Law Blog. California Attorney Josh Gilliand’s blog on electronic discovery issues.

Capital Habeas Blog. Prepared by the Capital Habeas Unit of the Federal Defender’s Office of Northern Ohio. The blog was very good but hasn’t been updated since 2009.

Carnegie Legal Reporting Blog (Journalism and the Law)

Child Law Blog. This blog by New York Attorney James Marsh is very good, but clearly represents the opposite focus of this blog. He represents children who have had their images distributed in child pornography and attempts to collect massive restitution awards based on all the harm that the internet has ever caused that child.

Concurring Opinion

Daubert Uncensored. This blog focuses on Daubert developments. It is run by a civil defense attorney from the Minnesota Law Firm of Bowman & Brooks.

Evidence Law Blog

Have Opinion Will Travel

Hunter’s Query. A blog on legal research from the law librarians at Brigham Young University.

Lawsite Blog. This blog is focused on reviewing other blogs around the country.

Medical Misdiagnosis. This blog focuses on shaken baby. It is authored by a number of attorneys and has good links to various law review.

Pardon Power. A blog focusing on pardons nationwide. It has been particularly active in 2012.

Sex Offender Research

Shaken Baby and Sudden Infant Death Syndromes. Dr. M. Clement Hall’s blog on this problematic area of medicine.

Talk Left: The Politics of Crime

Wall Street Journal’s Legal Blog. A blog on legal issues by the Wall Street Journal.