Corel WordPerfect "knowledge base" - by typing in search words or phrases, you can query the same database of information that their telephone tech support operators use.

Corel Free E-mail Support - If you're still within 30 days of purchase, you may e-mail Corel for free answers; first, you must view a document in the online knowledgebase (above), then click the "E-mail Corel" tab you'll see at upper left.

Corel Newsgroups - offer valuable discussion forums.

WordPerfect Expert newsletter - browse archived articles for Corel WP tips! . A WordPerfect consulting firm. Their website includes a number of free Macros available for download. They will also write custom macros for a fee. Gordon McComb is a legenardy WordPerfect wizard. He has written numerous books on WordPerfect. His website has numerous tips and various free macros for WordPerfect.

Network Administration Guide - PDF for Corel WordPerfect Office 2002.

Corel's business applications "community" - articles, tips.

Function key template for WP 7/8/9/10/11/12/X3 - download and run this file (to produce a WordPerfect document) from which you can print a legend you can tape to your keyboard.

WPWIN-L - WordPerfect for Windows newsgroup (discussion list).

WPWIN-L archives - search past discussions about WordPerfect for Windows.

WordPerfect Universe - great collection of forums, white papers, resources, links

WordPerfect Resources - an excellent collection of resources, tools, etc.

WordPerfect Macro Tutorial - minimal, with no examples, but the price is right.

WordPerfect for Windows Macros - Links to web sites focused on WordPerfect for Windows macros

Consultwebs - WordPerfect links, articles, conversion tips

WordPerfect for DOS Updated - WordPerfect 5.1 lives! Printer drivers, tips, FAQs, and all the tools for a diehard WordPerfect DOS fan.