The Attorney General has moved to intervene as a full litigant
This is the Attorney General's Brief
The Brief of the Prosecuting Attorney's Association of Michigan. It was drafted by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office
The St Clair Prosecutor's Brief
This is the Brief filed by Patricia Selby -- Mr. Carp's Attorney
This is Mr. Carp's Reply Brief
My friend of the court brief on behalf of CDAM
The State Appellate Defender's Office Friend of the Court Brief
The ACLU's Friend of the Court Brief
The Court of Appeals Granted Rehearing in this order and invited Friend of the Court participation
Decision of the United States District Court holding habeas petition in abeyance pending 6.500 review
The opinion in Mr. Carp's original appeal
Order Denying Extension of Time to File Briefs
Order for Oral Arguments
Order Inviting Amicus Participation at Orals
The Main Opinion
Here is a link to the Court of Appeals Docket Sheet in Carp
Attorney General's Press Release, 10-5-2012
Here is a link to the Briefs in Jackson v Hobbs
State v Williams: A Conflicting Ruling from Illinois